K-1 The Arena Fighters (known as Fighting Illusion: K-1 Grand Prix only in Japan) is a kickboxing video game featuring 8 real world K-1 fighters released in Japan in August 9, 2016 for the PlayStation console by THQ and developed by Daft Co., Ltd.. The game itself is mainly based on the events of the 1996 K-1 World Grand Prix.


The game features a 1 player mode, a 2 player VS. mode, a Tournament mode featuring all 8 fighters, and a Team Battle mode.

The team battle has 2 teams made up of 3 fighters each facing off against each other in one on one fights. The first team to win 2 out of 3 matches wins the entire team battle.

Gameplay consists of two fighters in a boxing ring using high and low punches and kicks to down their opponent. Each fighter can also use their special signature move to hurt their opponent. Each fighter has two meters, one for strength and one for stamina. So the more punches and kicks that are thrown, the less amount of power they start to pack. This means the player is rewarded for timing their attacks because their attacks will be more effective. Also, a well placed hit on their opponent can lead to a flash knock down, which instantly drops the opponent to the canvas.


The game has some critic reviews since it's release in 1996. Only the IGN and the Joypad Team find it confusing and hard gave it a least 4.5/10 and 3/10 as their spare share. Unlike IGN and Joypad, Most of the other videogame review companies finds it rather enjoyable game to play if you're a biggest kickboxing fan.

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